Building a mobile tech platform to deepen engagement around live events.

About Us

We’re Tally - A Seattle-based startup focused on amplifying viewer engagement for live events. Our platform powers free mobile apps that are a fan favorite, allowing anyone to interact with major events such as The Oscars, Grammys, SuperBowl, and “live” shows like The Bachelor.

We are backed by a number of incredible investors, including Madrona Venture Group, Bezos Expeditions (the personal investment company of Jeff Bezos), and the co-founders of YouTube, Alibaba, zulily and Wheels Up.

Our Values

Fans are our fuel

Tally was created for fans! Whether for fans of sports, entertainment or more, our job is to enhance their experiences around live events. They are our pulse, our compass, and the spark driving everything we do.

We have great judgment

From a list of 100 things, we can pick the five that will have the biggest impact and have the discipline to say “no” to the other 95. We are data driven and proudly frugal, always focused on what’s best for Tally.

We are defined by our sense of urgency

Our passion for innovation drives us. We move quickly and it’s OK to make mistakes, because if we’re not making mistakes, we’re not moving fast enough.

We have relentlessly high standards

Lots of companies are pride themselves on being “good enough” – but that’s not us. We believe in excellence and hold each other accountable to incredibly high standards every day.

We win as a team

We’re a team. Defeats are softened and victories sweetened because we do them together. We may not always agree, and in those cases we “disagree & commit” -- while always treating each other with respect.

This is our Tally

We are all owners. We determine our future and believe great ideas can come from anywhere. Tally’s success depends entirely on us.

Meet the Team

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Join Us!

We're looking for people who share our values and are excited to create the world's best platform for amplifying live events.